About Me

Hi, I'm Peter, an IT Support Engineer at Citizens Advice Lancashire West.

I'm passionate about all things IT, whether virtual, physical, hardware or software. My ambition is to become a Senior IT Engineer.

I have 3 years’ experience providing technical support and administration for hardware, software, network and operating systems via phone, email, or in person.

I love dabbling in full-stack development which I believe gives me a greater understanding & appreciation for the IT microcosm. I have a good knowledge of React.js, TypeScript, Tailwind and Sass.

I design my projects to incorporate new learning while deepening my existing knowledge.

Basic experience with Next.js, Redux, React Native, Node.js, SQL, Jest Cypress and React Testing Library, Express, Mongo and Mongoose.

Skills & Responsibilities


  • LAN/WAN technologies
  • WAPs
  • Routers
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Switches
  • Patches
  • Cabling
  • Broadband

Software, Website and OS

  • Hosting, maintenance & development
  • Provisioning, licensing & troubleshooting Chrome OS
  • Administer, configure & troubleshoot MS InTune, GCPW, Office apps, VDLC & Licensing
  • Data erasure & sanitisation
  • Encryption, email security, reporting/auditing, DKIM, SPF, DMARC
  • Setting up and managing Okta user accounts


  • Setup, troubleshoot & repair monitors
  • Capacity planning, equipment specification & approval
  • Configure printer networks, add users to scan to email lists
  • Program & repair wireless headsets
  • Administer, configure & troubleshoot Wildix VOIP
  • Assign & track laptops, iPads, tablets & Mobiles

My Side Projects